Welcome and thanks for reading

I am starting this blog to share with anyone who is interested, the fascinating history of Leicester’s Clarendon Park as I discover it myself.  I am a former museum curator and a local and family historian of seventeen years experience, currently enjoying setting up my own history research service.  I moved to Clarendon Park five years ago and in that time have been researching the history of its buildings, businesses and people.  It is a vibrant area today and, judging from the information I have already uncovered, has always been full of – ahem – character.  But more about that in the posts to come.  In the meantime, thanks for looking and please feel free to contact me with any questions about Clarendon Park and I will do my best to help.  Regards, Elizabeth.


5 responses to “Welcome and thanks for reading

  1. Thanks for starting this blog, I’m enjoying reading it very much 🙂

  2. Thanks very much, I’m enjoying writing it too!

  3. Nice blog, gave me something to read during my lunch break.

  4. Hi Elizabeth, enjoyed the 1960’s update very much. The list of names brought back many memories. Robinsons, where I bought a frozen fruit bar for the first time after the war, The Co-op and Hinds were our shops, but Archers on Queens still there I see from Google, was our butchers, but for some unknown reason Kempins the butchers got the blame when anything went missing in our house. I hasten to add this had no basis in fact! The chippy next door to Kempins was another frequently used shop, free scratchings if you asked nicely.One comment, between 10 and 12 Montague, where my family (10) and my uncle (12) lived there is a engraved date of 1903, I think, so am surprised you are covering houses in Montague a decade or so earlier than that. Maybe our part was built later. Keep up this excellent work, and thanks.

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