More about the shop on the corner of Howard Road and Lytton Road

After I posted about the newly revealed sign at the corner of Howard Road and Lytton Road (address number 17 Lytton Road), someone put me in touch with a very nice lady called Rosemary who lived for 74 years at number 74 Lytton Road.  I had a chat with Rosemary about the shop and unfortunately she didn’t remember Reg Pratt, but she was able to tell me a few other interesting things about it.

When Rosemary was a child (from the 1930s onwards), the shop was occupied by Miss Inman who was a draper and haberdasher, selling baby wear, hooks and tapes, ladies’ jumpers etc.  This tallies with what I was able to find out by looking at Leicester directories from 1908 and 1916, when the shop was a drapers owned by Mr Robert Stoke and Miss Nellie Lamb respectively, and then in the 1928 Kelly’s Directory Miss Mary A Inman.

After Miss Inman retired, the shop was bought by a lady who ran it as a very nice grocers.  Her husband was a postman and nearing retirement, when something awful was discovered.  He had been taking parcels and registered letters meant for delivery, and hiding them in the shed at the bottom of his garden at number 17 Lytton Road.  None of them were opened, so the man hadn’t been gaining from his crime, but nevertheless it was a serious matter and he had to leave the Post Office and also lost his pension.  It was a great scandal in Clarendon Park and the couple left the area soon after.

Rosemary remembers that an Asian family took over the premises and kept them as a grocers, very well run.  The husband left to become a religious leader in his faith.  It became at some point a computer shop for students, and after this a clothes recycling shop that no one ever seemed to go in.

I am still wondering about Reg Pratt.  The only mentions of him I can find is are 1959, when he first appeared in the Phone Book  (though he may have been there before that, but without a telephone), Kelly’s Directory of 1960 as I mentioned in my previous post, and the Phone Book of 1960.  So perhaps it was a very short-lived business, in which case it’s no wonder Rosemary can’t remember it.  I’m going to look into all of this in more detail at the record office – in the meantime, if you know any more about it do let me know.  Thanks, Simon, for putting me in touch with Rosemary.  Elizabeth


3 responses to “More about the shop on the corner of Howard Road and Lytton Road

  1. Very interested to see your article on 17 Lytton Road, my grandparents ran this shop from approximately 1945 to the early 1950’s. Their names were Ivy and Walter Moore and my mother well remembers living their as a small child, my granny made clothes and in particular smocked dresses and sold them in the shop. If anyone has a photograph of the shop during the late 40’s early 50’s we would be interested to see a copy. Mrs Tester had the shop after my grandparents and it was Mrs Tester’s son who my mother believes was the postman. My mother remembers Wendy Moore from Lytton Road, Roger Bailey who lived on Howard Road and the Bentleys (Elizabeth and Susan) from 18 Adderley Road.

    Looking forward to seeing further installments.

    • Thanks so much for sharing this Helen. It’s lovely to have personal memories. I will follow up all the information you have given me and hopefully between us we’ll build a definitive history of 17 Lytton Road. In the meantime, I wonder do you have any mementoes at all of the shop – a bill, something that was made to sell but was kept in the end? It would be wonderful if you had anything you felt able to share with us here. Thanks, Elizabeth

  2. Angela Schopper

    I was raised at 23 Lytton Road. I enjoy reading some of the history. I left in 1963, the same year my Dad died. Mother later moved to South Knighton Road. I do recall the grocery store.

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