About Clarendon Park

About Clarendon Park

For those of you not living in the area, here is a flavour of Clarendon Park.


Clarendon Park is an area of south Leicester, postcode LE2.  Its borders are a little fuzzy but broadly speaking, Victoria Park Road (the B568) is to the north, London Road (the A6) to the east, Knighton Road to the south and Welford Road (the A5199) to the west.  Here is a map.  Within Clarendon Park, the main roads are Queens Road (the main shopping district today), and Clarendon Park Road.  There is an excellent Queens Road blog here, giving a feel for the lunatic eclectic mixture that is Clarendon Park today.

Housing and people

The housing is mainly Victorian with some Edwardian, though there is a substantial amount of 1930s housing to the south.  Somehow the later housing developments don’t feel part of Clarendon Park and I often forget that they are.  There are some modern flats, mainly where large old houses have been pulled down, but not many.  There is a LOT of character here, both in terms of the buildings and the people who live here.  Being so close to the university, many students live here and also a number of lecturers.  There is a good mixture of families, young people and older folk.  Let’s be honest – it is largely middle class and reasonably affluent, despite having been originally built as housing for labourers with some fancier parts (mostly at the London Road end of Clarendon Park Road and some of Howard Road).  In fact, one old lady told me that when she was a girl, St John’s Church used to deliver food parcels to the residents of Montague Road and the streets off it.

Shops and businesses

These days, Clarendon Park supports a delicatessen, a designer dress agency, a health food shop and various eating establishments – but it does also have a green grocer, two butchers, a bakery, a florist and many other really useful shops.  I love the second-hand bookshop on Clarendon Park Road.  There is still a post office.  There are printers, photographers and goodness knows what else.  Plenty of estate agents too.

Religious Establishments

Clarendon Park certainly has plenty of these.  The parish church is St John the Baptist, Clarendon Park Road.  On the same road are Christchurch, Leicester Chinese Christian Church, Hindu Temple Geeta Bhavan and Sikh temple Guru Amardas Gurdwara.  There is also Clarendon Park Congregational Church on the corner of London Road and Springfield Road.  Avenue Community Church meet at Avenue School.  There is a Messianic Jewish synagogue which meets at the Brice Memorial Hall.  I am aware of other religious groups which meet in the area but can’t find details.   Leicester Society of Friends (Quakers) are at the Friends’ Meeting House in Queens Road.   Please do let me have them if you know of any group not mentioned.


St John the Baptist and Avenue Primary schools have both been in Clarendon Park for over 100 years in one guise or another.  There are no secondary schools.

6 responses to “About Clarendon Park

  1. Love your site.I see you list an Orton in the Aged Pilgrims Home. Possibly the Grandmother of Joe, very close to the home his mother rented? I have been writing my life story or those bits that I remember for my kids, and as I was a Montague Road resident (a very nice road I might add) during my early life I noted the owners of the 4 cars that were there during WW2, and I found your notes on Hind and would like to lift a couple of points you make to add interest to my story. Never to be published (or damned)

    • Thanks Mike for your kind comments. I would be very happy for you to use any of my information, especially if you pass on any snippets about life in Montague Road and those 4 cars!

  2. Hi Elizabeth, have just found your reply to my October note, thank you for the permission to quote you, but, hmmmm, I think you will find my notes very personal rather than historic, however will send an extract and you can see my comments about the cars. I love your blog.

  3. Not sure if the Leicester Jewish Progressive Congregation is Stoneygate or Clarendon Park officially? It is on Avenue Rd. 🙂 http://www.lpjc.org.uk/

  4. I have lots of memories of the place as we moved there in 1971, four years before the Clarendon Park improvement scheme. This had three legacies. First the one way system and traffic calming measure ie the jutting out pavements often with trees stuck on them. Second was the installation of indoor loos and bathrooms with running hot water, all paid for by thencouncil. Residents in the little terraced houses had a choice of ground floor extension built over the usual outside wc and (indoor) Pantry or conversion of an upstairs bedroom.
    The overall impact was to save the estate as it was going quite downhill at the time.there were quite a lot of homes still privately rented and the controlled rents did not cover repairs,and most residents were not wealthy. I think our rent was £2.50 a week. Had the council not undertaken their enlightened policy it might have been demosihed, or at least the little houses would have been pulled down.
    I well recall the sub post office on Clarendon park road and the old boy who ran it retired in about 1977. It was an architects office for a time.
    The thing that is most missed is the number 28 bus that ran from town up London road , queens road, Clarendon park road and down welford road. This was the old tram route.
    Mum told me englebert’s sister had a dress shop on cp road. There was also Siegfried who ran a wonderful patisserie next door to the barclays bank and produced the biggest chocolate Easter egg for the guiness book or records in about 1981′ featured on the tv.

    There’s more!

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