About Yourhistories.com

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Amias.  I’m a former museum curator and a local, family and house historian with 25 years experience. The purpose of this blog is to share interesting snippets from my local history research into Clarendon Park as they unfold, along with photographs and documents from my personal collection of Clarendon Park ephemera. Anything that takes my fancy really.  Please feel free to post any questions or share information about the history of this wonderful area.

I have another website you might also find interesting.  It tells the life stories of the men and women from St Martin’s Church – which is now Leicester Cathedral – community who fought, sailed, nursed, died, looked after animals, died, went blind, served as chaplains to the armed forces, lost a son (or three) or a husband, father, brother.  Have a look at www.warandstmartins.com

Feel free to comment on anything you see and ask any questions – I will do my best to help.

Regards, Elizabeth.


7 responses to “About Yourhistories.com

  1. Love the site, being Leicester born and bred, knowing the Clarendon Park area reasonably well and being a heritage enthusiast I found your blog an excellent read – I’ve added you to my blogroll : )

  2. What an unexpected delight. Why haven’t I found this site before? I’m on the committee of the Stoneygate Conservation Area Society and also co-edit the Society Newsletter. I wonder whether you’d be interested in talking to our members about your projects? If the snippets on the Homepage are any guide, I’m sure you’d have an appreciative audience!

  3. Very much enjoying your excellent blog, my Grandparents lived most of their married life in the area. I think it also possible that my Great Grandparents lived in your house in 1901. Looking forward to your next instalment.

    • Wow, how exciting! Who were your great grandparents? I have recorded all the known occupants of my house since it was built, and have a few other records from other houses in the road. Thanks for being kind about my blog – I really enjoy writing it (struggling for time at the moment though).


  4. My Great Grandparents were Harry and Fanny Wilson and on the 1901 Census they are recorded at Cradock Road it was their first home, they lived at a variety of different properties in the Clarendon Park area over the years. Incidentally, Harry was at one time Caretaker at the New Walk Museum.

  5. Hi Elizabeth, I’ve really enjoyed reading through all the stories about Clarendon Park past on your blog. I love your investigative approach and you’ve inspired me to write more historical posts on my own blog. I’ve also mentioned your website on my recent ‘Top Ten Blogs’ post: http://www.clarendonspark.co.uk/reading-list/ 🙂

  6. Brian Whitmore

    My wife is born and bread clarendon park (108 st leonards rd) my family are to,this site is so wonderfull brings back lots of memories ,my building buisness was allways the park, keep it going . Rita & brian whitmore.

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